Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trail Pals at Play

What a joy it is to have a pal who likes to walk through the woods the same way I do.  One who doesn't chafe if it takes five minutes to get the right angle on a dragonfly photo.  Or who doesn't fret if we wander off trail to see what's over a rise.  My friend Sue Pierce is that kind of pal, and what's even better, we complement one another.  I may know the names of a few more plants than she does, but she knows lots more bird songs than I, and she can see much better, too.  All the snakes and frogs and dragonflies we found today were ones that she saw first.

Sue took me to a place in Moreau Lake State Park where she had found Wood Lily in bloom. I'm sorry, but I won't say exactly where she found it.  This native wild lily (Lilium philadelphicum) is so lovely it's now become hard to find in the wild.  Too many folks have dug it up to transplant to their gardens.  We found a number of widely separated plants, the brilliant orange of their showy blooms set off by the green of lacy ferns that surround them.

As I said before, Sue spotted lots of woodland critters, and a couple of them held real still for the longest time so we could take their photos.

Like this large dragonfly with black-mullioned wings, its bright yellow embellishments color-matched to the hawkweeds and daisies around where it landed.  Be sure to click on this photo to better see those spectacular wings.

I don't know how Sue spotted this Wood Frog,  perfectly camouflaged among the dead leaves on the forest floor.  And it sat stone still, so both of us could poke our cameras at it.  Now, that is one beautiful frog!  Its eye seems fashioned of brilliant gold leaf, encircled by jet, with a ring of soft jade green.

Here's a close-up of that eye:

Tomorrow, Sue and I plan to paddle a stretch of the Hudson.  She thinks we may find some American Chestnut in bloom.  And I bet, with those eagle eyes of hers, she'll spot other good stuff, too.  So tune in tomorrow to see what we find.


Bird said...

What beautiful photographs Jackie, the frog, the dragonfly and all. They are like jewels, and I can believe how keen an eye your friend has to find these buried treasures!

I am envious that you have a friend who "doesn't chafe if it takes five minutes to get the right angle on a dragonfly photo. Or who doesn't fret if we go off trail to see what's over a rise" all my friends are power walkers and I find I have to go out alone if I want to really look at things. You and Sue are lucky to have each other as walking pals!

Candy Duell said...

I love the photos! The dragonfly is frame worthy. Have you ever thought about printing them up and putting them in the fair?

Jens Zorn said...

Just to echo the comments of Bird and Candy Duell. Your photos demonstrate that apparatus, though not sufficient in itself, does matter... the Canon G7 in your hands shows itself to be a powerful instrument indeed.

You should consider asking Canon for sponsorship!

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Aw, gee! (Blush, blush) Your comments are too kind. But I love the photos, too. I am just amazed at how this little point-and-shoot comes out with these treasures that delight me no end. SOMEtimes! Other times, the camera refuses to focus. I probably throw away 20 shots for each one I keep.

Thanks for stopping by, dear friends.