Monday, January 25, 2010

Crazy Weather, Lovely Mist

Over 50 degrees today and pouring rain. All day. On the radio, the weather service was posting flood warnings, due to the heavy rains and rapidly melting snow. So I set off to look for one. I guess I'm just one of those crazy people who love crazy weather: blizzards, windstorms, thunder and lightning, floods. So long as nobody gets hurt.

I drove around Saratoga Lake and up into the hills between the lake and Saratoga Battlefield, revisiting spots that I know have flooded before. I didn't find any major flooding, just a few creeks that had overflowed their banks in low-lying areas.

The most interesting weather phenomenon today was the fog overlying the frozen lake. The hills and trees on the opposite shore took on a dreamlike quality, emerging from the mist like some far-off Bali Ha'i.


Anonymous said...

We once "chased" a thunderstorm from Saratoga Springs....and when we stopped- we were in Vermont ! That was many years ago but we will never forget it.

Thank you for sharing your experiences today.

Holly said...

Beautiful mist photos! I, too, love wild weather, and look forward to thunderstorms and blizzards.

I have a love/hate relationship with floods, though, as it kind of creeps me out to have all the ordinarily dry and familiar objects submerged in the murky deeps. As a kid, the story of the Village of Delta, now submerged under Delta Lake near Rome, NY, completely fascinated and terrified me.

Lindsey said...

I love storms! I regularly follow storms that start around here, last summer I got a rare glimpse at some mammatus clouds (I may have photos, I will have to find and check the camera).

I had a blast driving around in the rain yesterday, looking at the fog. I live for crappy weather. :)

Ellen Rathbone said...

Ice fog can do some crazy things to snow, like make it melt really fast (as opposed to rain, which you'd think would do a faster job). Great pics!

squirrel said...

I love those photos. They should be on someones wall.

I love storms but from the comfort of my house. I love to turn out the lights and watch lightening. And then go out the next day to see how it changed everything.

Thanks for the beautiful and interesting blog.

tintin said...

The mist photos are exceptional.

catharus said...

Yes, I love crazy weather as long as it's not tooo distructive! 'Love that last pic!