Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Preparations

Because we're going to our daughter's for Christmas, I hadn't intended to bake any Christmas cookies. But then I saw my son's face when I told him that. "Aww Mom!" he groaned, "But you make the best! Our Christmas is just getting lamer and lamer. (Sigh!)"

Oh jeez! What's a mother to do? The older I get, the more and more simple I crave my Christmas to be. But I can't forget that the younger folks still crave things the way they once were. So okay, okay, I made some cookies. Four batches. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas from me?

Since all this baking has kept me inside, I don't have any woodsy scenes to post on my blog and won't until several days after Christmas. So I'm posting a photo of the cookies.

Clockwise from the bottom, I made bar cookies with a chocolate-cream cheese filling, butter drops with Zante currants, Russian teacakes, and a cookie I don't know the name of but boy, are they yummy, with a crispy, sandy texture that melts in your mouth. I got the recipe from a German lady who was the wife of one of my Hospice patients. They are made with lard, not butter, which sounds awful, but they sure taste good! And every time I make them I think of her.

It's too late to do it now, but I was thinking I could make Christmas cards from some of my nature photos. I looked through my files and chose a few that might do for another year, but I'm posting them here as a Christmas greeting for all my blog readers. May your holidays be filled with joy and love and peace. Plus time to get outdoors to enjoy the beauties of nature in winter.

British Soldiers among evergreen moss: talk about Christmas colors!

Fresh snow on Winterberries

Frosty Cinquefoil leaves, among British Soldiers

Hoarfrost on bittersweet vines

Reindeer Lichen and evergreen Common Polypody

So, readers, which one of these photos would make the best Christmas card?


swamp4me said...

Gotta give the kids what they want...c is for cookie! And anything made with lard tastes wonderful - I never use it, but my grandmother did.

My photo vote goes to the winterberries in snow...but they're all good!

Hope your Christmas is merry and bright -- safe travels.

Lindsey said...

My vote for most Christmas-y also goes to the snow on winterberries, although British Soldiers among evergreen moss and the Reindeer Lichen ones are my personal faves. :)

Mmmmmmm those cookies look amazing! I'm another young one who wishes for Christmas to be similar to the way it once was, so I was glad my alarm this morning, as it always is on Christmas morning, was my dogs jumping all over my bed and licking my face. :D

Allan Stellar said...

Lovely photos! And simplicity is best...

Happy Christmas!

New York Land Man said...

Great capture of the hoarfrost

Jackie C said...

I vote for Hoarfrost on Bittersweet vines, then the winterberries, though they are all beautiful.