Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lupines and More Lupines. And More!

So clear and cool today, it almost felt like autumn, instead of early June.  It was the kind of weather that tempted me onto the sunlit sandy trails of the oak/pine savanna habitat at Wilton Wildlife Preserve.  Myriads of grasshoppers sprang from the shrubs or hurled themselves ahead of me as I strode along, the sand soft beneath my feet, the sunshine warm on my back, a light breeze lifting my hair.

I hadn't walked more than a few dozen yards before I could see a wide blue sea of Wild Lupines blooming all around me.

Fluttering among the flower spikes were hundreds of Karner Blue Butterflies, an endangered species for whom this preserve has been planted with all these lupines, the only food of the Karner's larvae.  I sat down among the flower spikes and settled myself, hoping to capture a photo of one of these tiny butterflies.  Fat chance!  They hardly ever light for more than an instant, and when they do they close their azure wings and disappear, their underwings the color of air, it seems.  Ah well, we can google their image, any time we want.

Everywhere I looked:  Lupines and more lupines!  And to add to the pleasure of contemplating this scene, a Rufous-sided Towhee was singing continually from the tallest tree, telling me over and over to "drrrink my t-e-e-e-e!"

After spending a noonday hour or so under that wide blue sky, I sought the cool green shade of the pine woods that rise at the edge of the meadows.   Here, the path lay soft and pine-scented, carpeted with ages of needles.  I wondered if I would find Pink Lady's Slippers in here.  The habitat sure was right.

OH yes!  Lots and lots of Lady's Slippers!


Ellen Rathbone said...

Followed by a lupine day!

Uta said...

I also took pictures of Pink Lady Slippers yesterday, where I knew they would be. Sadly some where broken off by people who care nothing about nature.

threecollie said...

Lupines and a towhee! Spring at its best!