Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy Easter!

It's almost Easter, and as Christians prepare to rejoice that the Lord is risen, we wildflower lovers also rejoice that the first REAL flower of spring -- one that actually looks like a flower -- has risen as well.  Alleluia!  The Coltsfoot is up!  The season of blooming is here!  These dear little sunny blooms, bursting forth in glory from out of the cold dead leaves, speak to me of resurrection far more than any pampered, florist-bred Easter Lily could.  Like God's love, they are freely given, they spring forth unbidden, there's not a thing we had to do to deserve them, nor a penny we have to spend to enjoy them.  Also, like the Incarnate One who dwelt among the lowly, they make their home among the poorest soils, brightening desolate roadsides where nothing else will grow.  Supposedly, they even have healing powers.  So bless you, dear little Coltsfoot.  It gives me great joy to welcome you once more.

Another little flower has risen today as well, and it surely seems like a miracle that such a dainty little flower as Snow Trillium would dare the freezing temperatures we are still having at night.  But it's also nearly miraculous that this aptly named flower, which may bloom while snow still lies in the shaded woods, can be found in our local woods.  Saratoga County is far north of Snow Trillium's native range, but thanks to the late noted naturalist Orra Phelps, we can find them where she must have planted them on the land that was once her home, now the Orra Phelps Nature Preserve on Parkhurst Road in Wilton.  Who cares about chocolate bunnies or candy eggs?  I found my Easter treat today, as sweet as any bon-bon.  (You can see how tiny this flower is, by noting the acorn cap next to it.)


Anne Ford Taylor said...

Here is a poem I wrote in 2000 re: The Ora Phelps Preserve


Golden declension
moving downward
toward the sacred space.

Losing complications
with each step on the path.

Making space
for Grandmother's wisdom.

Questions dropped into the Kill.
Utterances heard flowing over the stone
and washing through the breath.

A placental peace
beating a rhythm of yellow mornings
on the drum of my soul.

Cleansed and renewed I ascend,
"Oracular, Oracle, Orra, Or"...

Dedicated to Orra Phelps (1892-1986)
Physician and Naturalist

Jens Zorn said...

The coltsfoot image, with your text, is a wonderful tribute to the coming of spring.

Kathryn Grace said...

It's been years since I last found a trillium blooming in the woods, always a favorite harbinger of spring! I've heard my mother talk of coltsfoot, but don't believe I've ever seen a patch myself. What a cheery little thing it is! Your thoughts on the deep spirituality inherent in Nature, most welcome as well. Thank you.