Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Little Night Music

There is no sweeter sound of Spring than the high shrill calls of Spring Peepers from every woodland pool and roadside ditch.  Tonight, while driving the back-country roads through the dark rolling hills between Saratoga and Schuylerville,  I stopped to stand, enchanted, along the banks of a roadside marsh and thrill to this piercing music.  (Note that some Canada Geese were adding their notes to this evening chorus.)

It's hard to believe that all that sound can come out of a tiny frog that's only a little bit bigger than a cricket!  This photo is about life size.


threecollie said...

Peepers!Magnificent froggy goodness! We haven't heard any yet. We were up in your neck of the woods to tour a horse farm yesterday and found the season much advanced over what it is here. Loved hearing your video!

June said...

The peepers surprised me two nights ago while I was waiting for Molly to come back indoors for bed. I have been hearing them every spring of my life and my heart lifts at the sound!

suep said...

after that great sunset friday night I was driving around with windows down, listening for Woodcock's doing their spring display - heard some and even saw some !
and heard the wood frogs in our favorite puddle today