Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Enough, Already!

Rain, rain, please take flight!
The Hudson's already past record height.
Champlain's flooded,
Dams overflow,
Where can all this water go?

Rte. 29 bridge at Schuylerville

A riverside park in Schuylerville

No ball games today! Probably not tomorrow, either.

A raging Fish Creek pours into a full-to-overflowing Hudson River.

Fish Creek at Stafford's Bridge. Nothing stops the rowing crews!


catharus said...

You're quite the poet!

Yeh, we continue to get inundated with rain ourselves, here in central PA -- but of course, not all the river flooding you're having!

Ellen Rathbone said...

So...things are a bit damp?

maureen said...

Jackie, your blog is beautiful! Gosh, what gorgeous photos. So glad to see it. Best, Maureen (Phil's friend)