Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunstruck and Splendid

Just one photo today. I'm not even sure what species these leaves belong to. Some kind of dogwood, I think. Whatever they are, they were sunstruck and splendid and they filled me with delight.


suep said...

one is all it takes !

even in spring there seems to be a hint of fall colors

catharus said...

Sure looks like some sort of dogwood to me!

squirrel said...

Beautiful things like this fill my soul.

troutbirder said...

What a wonderful blog with all the easily missed little intimacies of nature. I love it. And within the week the bellworts should be blooming in my woodlot. Stop by my nature blog sometime when you have a chance. Yes, I have another blog on current issues you visited once but the nature blog is much easier to update. :)

Wayne said...

I don't blog, facebook or tweet, but I found your wonderful blog while googling Orra Phelps. (Still don't know how those snow Trillium got to the preserve. Was it Dr. Phelps?) Just wanted to say I am now a fan, and will be reading whenever I can. Your photos are amazing, and your local adventures inspiring.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Thanks for your comment, Sue. I think the spring colors of leaves are the same as fall colors, but before the chlorophyll develops to hide them.

Always good to hear from you, catharus! Thanks for weighing in for dogwood.

Squirrel: Me too! And everywhere we look, we can find them.

Hi troutbirder, thanks for stopping by with such nice comments. I also appreciate the nudge to visit your interesting blog from out in Minnesota. I grew up in Michigan, so it's good to see that Great Lakes territory in your photos. Although you sure do travel, too.

Wayne, hello and welcome! I am so happy you found your way here. Thanks for your very kind comment. Someday I hope to meet someone who knows exactly what plants Orra planted in her woods. I wonder if she kept any records about it. We are way out of Snow Trillium's normal range, but they seem to be flourishing out there.