Monday, July 20, 2009

Hidden Jewels

Some days I just can't get out to the woods or off to the river. Household duties kept me homebound today, but I still got my nature fix by revisiting my old photo files for this date. Here are some of the beauties I might have found today if I'd gone out. Better to put them up on view as have them stay hidden in computer files.

A few posts back, I posted a photo of a fungus I thought looked just like a baby's bottom. This one looks even more so. Or maybe Rubens's babes' bottoms.

It's not just flowers that are beautiful out there. How about these cherry-red strawberry stems?

Or these of Red Maple, glowing in the light?

The Swamp White Oak is still sprouting baby leaves this late in summer. Aren't they adorable?

This looks like a big red berry, but it's really a gall, with some little larvae inside. It's called a Blueberry Stem Gall, and it's growing on Low Blueberry.

Clintonia's bright blue berries show why this plant is also called Bluebead Lily. They're sharing the frame with Sensitive Fern and Wild Geranium leaves. I see a little Virginia Creeper and maybe some Dewberry, too.


squirrel said...

Very nice. I loved the red stems of the strawberry and red maple. I will be on the lookout for other red stems. Thanks.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Thanks, Squirrel. Other colored stems to be looking for: Summer Graoe with curly ruby-red tendrils and Dodder, which looks like bright orange Crazy String.

Kenton and Rebecca said...

So many colors and patterns! That's one of the beautiful things about a camera -- it can really help us 'get outside' when life doesn't allow us to. Also, thanks for mentioning the Dodder. We found some of this in a horse pasture last week, and didn't know what it was. Your description instantly recalled it to our minds.