Sunday, January 20, 2019

Time to Feed -- and Celebrate! -- the Squirrels!

Well, we sure got some snow!  Well over a foot of it by now, and more is still coming down.  After clearing walks and shoveling out my car, I was too pooped to go for a hike, choosing instead to sit by my window and enjoy how this squirrel coped with digging out birdseed buried in snow.   Just in time for Squirrel Appreciation Day, too!   You never heard of Squirrel Appreciation Day? Neither did I until I happened upon this post from The National Wildlife Association.  Anyway, here are some photos to help us appreciate the little furry critters' diligence.

 Hey you guys!  How about some more birdseed out here?  Pleeeese?

Oh well, let's see what's buried under this snow.

Nope.  No luck here.

How about over here?

Whew!  Gotta come up for air!

Guess I gotta dig a little deeper.

Aha!  Success!  Found a seed! Num num . . . .

Oh cripes!  Here come those dratted birds!  Well, they're not gonna get MY seed!

Not to worry, bird-lovers.  My husband shortly booted and mittened up and shoveled out a clear space and spread lots and lots of birdseed and cleared the heated birdbath, too, providing a feast for all.  Let's hope the birds and squirrels manage to eat their fill before the seed gets covered up with more snow to come.


threecollie said...

For some reason we have the fattest, fluffiest squirrels I have ever seen this winter. A lot of them!

The Furry Gnome said...

National Squirrel Appreciation Day! I love it. They're commoner than the birds here!