Friday, January 22, 2016

Up a Cold Creek

Oh dear, my poor Mom would sure have a fit if she could see my cats sitting on my breakfast table!  But hey, they already sleep in my bed and I bury my face in their fur when I kiss them, so what's the problem?  Also, I put a clean cloth on the table when company comes. And how could I deny my kitties the only place in the house to bask in the sun on this bright blue-sky day?  I almost felt like joining them to doze in warm puddles of sunshine, but I also felt an equal pull to get myself out to Orra Phelps Nature Preserve on this freezing-cold day and see what ice might be up to on the little creeks out there.

For one thing, the creeks were running briskly, making a lively music under sparkling layers of ice.  Happily, I had found an old camera that, although damaged, still works in some of its modes, so I could capture some of the beautiful things water does when it meets up with freezing cold.

It was obvious from the several layers of ice that the water levels had been up and down the past week or so.

In some spots, paper-thin sheets of ice displayed delicate lacy patterns.  So pretty!

Where the water tumbled with extra vigor, splashed-up drops formed crystal icicles that dangled from protruding ice shelves.

Out in the middle of the rushing dark water, it looked like some fairy princess had dropped her diamond tiara.


Uta said...

You see beauty in everything and I'm glad you share it.

Anonymous said...

do you ever see bald eagles?

Momo said...

So beautiful and creative-and with your older camera at that. Thank you.

The Furry Gnome said...

You find such amazing ice formations!

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Thanks for your comments, dear friends. I'm glad to know you share my enthusiasm for all the wonderful ways that water can interact with freezing temperatures. Regarding Bald Eagles, I do see them quite often along the Hudson River where turbulence keeps the water flowing, or where park naturalists put road-killed deer out on the frozen lakes and river bays for the raptors to feed on.