Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Animal Standoff

For several years now, we've been feeding a family of feral cats at our back porch.  The Dadcat (far left) has remained the same, but this is the second mate he has brought to our feeding station.  His first mate died last summer after bearing a litter of kittens we never saw.  This Momcat (stretched out here) bore two kittens this summer,who soon began accompanying her to the feeding bowls, although they were still nursing when this first photo was taken.

Soon enough, they learned to eat solid food and became regular visitors to the catfood bowls.  Once, I tried to grab the little black one, but got bit and scratched so bad I had to drop it.  We'll eventually try to capture them all in live traps, have them neutered and then released.  They are already too wild to make good housecat pets.  Too bad.  They're really cute.

Lately, another creature has discovered the catfood bowls.  This is the first year I've ever noticed a squirrel enjoying the kibble.  Little black kitten was taken aback to see this interloper.

Squirrel simply ignores the kitten and continues eating, despite the baleful stares.

Whoa!  When kitten tried to approach the bowl, squirrel wheeled around and charged at it, driving it away. 

It was a standoff.

Nyaa, nyaa, nyaa!  You can't scare me! Some bold squirrel!  Hey little squirrel, you'd better not try that when mom or dad are around.


Barbara said...

I like this post. When we take time to look, there are so many little wildlife dramas going on, literally in our own back yards. Yesterday, Monday, was an absolutely beautiful day to be outdoors in Saratoga County and I spent nearly the whole of it working in my garden. When I needed a break, I sat in the shade and watched lots of animal action occurring right around me. A small frog hopped across the dewy lawn, birds were jockeying for a turn at the feeders, a chipmunk sipped from the birdbath, a too-brave rabbit nibbled grass with one eye fixed in my direction, a small garter snake patrolled for a meal. All this I would have missed had I not sat quietly and just watched.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Barbara, I believe you know the secret to happiness -- that true wealth consists of being aware of all that we already have, and treasuring it. Thanks for your vivid account of a peaceful moment in your garden.