Saturday, December 1, 2012

Snow! And Snow Geese!

December 1.  I turned the calendar page and the season also turned.  Official winter doesn't start for three weeks or so, but winter weather arrived today with our first real snow of the season.  It was barely more than a dusting, but it stayed on the ground all day.

I drove over to the Hudson River along Spier Falls Road and was struck by the dramatic beauty of dark water and snow-dusted banks.

On my way home, I passed by Loughberry Lake, which serves as the reservoir for Saratoga Springs, and was startled to see the surface of the lake nearly covered by a huge flock of Snow Geese.  It's a rare occurrence to see any of these beautiful snow-white birds, but to see a flock this size is truly astounding.  This photo shows only about half the number that were moving noisily across the smooth water of this small inner-city lake.

The Snow Geese were joined by a number of Canada Geese, all honking loudly.  I wonder what they have to say to one another?

I also wonder if this is the same flock of Snow Geese that my fellow blogger at Northview Dairy Farm in Fultonville reported landing on the Mohawk River yesterday.  You can see her video footage of them filling the air like snow flurries by visiting her blog Northview Diary.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, what a change a little bit of snow makes! And that flock of Snow Geese is amazing! I'm hoping to get a dose of Snow Geese myself tomorrow on a trip to the Jersey shore, where they spend every winter, but I imagine it's especially wonderful to see such a large flock of these beautiful birds in such an unexpected place. :) Thanks for sharing!

June said...

Your water/hill/tree photos, all quiet and smooth, make me think of Native Americans and how that peace was all normal for them, not a moment separated from Real Life.

threecollie said...

Nice shots! Much clearer than mine. There is still a huge flock of them here this morning although not as many as yesterday and early this AM before the sun really got up. They are right down on the river, stretching from bank to bank. Cool to see them!