Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bog Meadow, Mid-autumn

Most of the maples that line the Bog Meadow Nature Trail have long ago lost their leaves. But there's still some foliage color to enjoy, especially now that the Red Oaks are coming into their glory. I took a quick walk on that trail today, and I took a few photos, too. No spectacular calendar-picture scenes, no exotic species of plant or animal, just a pleasant walk on a pleasant day along a pleasant trail. We don't have to have Christmas every day to still rejoice in the many gifts that surround us.

A boardwalk covers the soggy ground on the spur that leads to Meadowbrook Estates.

Maidenhair Ferns, still holding on to a bit of their green,
cover a trailside hill with their gracefully curving fronds.

My camera kept stubbornly focusing on the swamp beyond these Red Oak leaves, but I saved the photo anyway. The essence of these leaves is their color, after all.

Okay, here's one in-focus shot of those Red Oak leaves.

While most of the flowering plants are withered and dry, a few have produced fresh green rosettes that will winter over under the snow to get a head start on growth next spring.
I think this is some kind of Mustard Family plant.

Another boardwalk crosses a swamp and provides a sitting area
to observe the many birds that frequent this open wetland.

Cattails still hold their own against the encroaching Purple Loosestrife.
Both looked pretty lit up by the late afternoon sun.


Unknown said...

Nice pictures. Think I will head up there this afternoon.

Carolyn H said...

I'm jealous that you have a bog to play in where you don't have to get your feet wet!

Carolyn H.