Friday, January 18, 2019

Rest in peace, as so you lived, Mary Oliver

I learned the sad news yesterday that the poet Mary Oliver had died. No other poet has sung my heart so perfectly, has celebrated with me so profoundly my sense of the sacred in nature. I have frequently quoted poets here on my blog when appropriate, and no one but Mary Oliver have I quoted so frequently.  Here are links to five posts where her writings have appeared,  accompanied by the photographs that opened my posts.  Click on each colored link to enjoy Mary's beautiful writings.

Prayer, March 7, 2014
with Mary's poem "Praying"

An Earth Day Celebration, April 22, 2018
with a passage from Mary's essay, "Attention is the Beginning of Devotion," from Upstream:Selected Essays

A Poet Sings of Autumn, September 22, 2018
with the poem "Song for Autumn"

Snow!, November 26, 2014
with the poem "Walking Home from Oak-Head"

with the poem "When I Am Among the Trees"

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