Sunday, April 23, 2017

O Glorious Sunday!

 Oh my!  Days don't come any more glorious than this one!  Shirtsleeve warm, with a clear blue sky, and a beautiful Moreau Lake to walk around, with clouds of Shadblow drifting out of the forest on all sides!

It was so beautiful today, my husband Denis agreed to come walking with me.  That's he in the first photo, hurrying ahead.  His idea of a walk around the lake is to do it at a fast clip.  I did agree not to stop every few feet to take pictures, but I did manage to sneak in just a few.  How could I resist stopping to photograph this splendid array of snowy-white Shadblow and ruby-red Red Maple flowers against a cobalt-blue sky?

Or this graceful bough leaning over the water of the back bay, the epitome of serene beauty?

Others were out enjoying this splendid warm and sunny day, including this Painted Turtle.

Aside from the Shadblow, the only flowers we found blooming along the shore were abundant patches of Coltsfoot.  This American Lady butterfly (Vanessa virginiensis) was enjoying them even more than we did.  This is one of our butterfly species that hibernates over the winter, which probably explains why its wings looked a bit worse for the wear.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Looks like a glorious day indeed!