Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kitties!

 Well, I'm not quite sure when our feral kittens Cleo (left) and her brother Bebert were born,  but when we found them and brought them in from the wild, it was during the third week of August and they were about 4 weeks old, according to the veterinarian we took them to.  Which means that this must be their birthday week.  So Happy Birthday, dear Kitties!  You are still a couple of sweethearts!

I'm not sure when Cleo and Bebert's Uncle Finn was born, since he was almost fully grown when we adopted him from a shelter about nine years ago.  But no matter how old he grows, he's still like a great big kitten.   He has grown wise enough, however, to know how to keep himself cool on the hottest days.


The Stonehedge Farm said...

Happy Birthday!
Love Uncle Finn.. he sure looks comfortable (not)!!
Great Blog... I am your newest follower.

June said...

I adore Finn's tufty toes, and the babies have surely grown into beauties. I'm glad you kept both of them. I'm sure the third of the trio's having A Perfect Cat Life as well.

Ellen Rathbone said...


Carolyn H said...

That Uncle Finn sure knows how to relax!

hikeagiant2 said...

Love the 'heart' tails!