Monday, December 12, 2011

Icy Delights

A sparkling day, clear and fresh and cold as the tumbling stream that runs through the Orra Phelps Nature Preserve in Wilton.  That's where I took my walk today, seeking a landscape that matched the beauty of this crystalline day.

We've had little snow so far, but the nights are now cold enough for ice to form along the stream, where droplets splash on overhanging boughs.

Not even diamonds are more beautiful than the crystal spears that dangle over the rushing water.

 Bubbles collect along the banks, and there they freeze into brittle plates of froth.

As winter approaches, it always amazes me to see the bare buds of Hobblebush, leaves and flowers already formed, protected against the coming season's icy blasts by no more than the merest fuzz.


catharus said...

'Didn't know that about hobblebush! ('Don't see it here in central PA; we're just barely too far south to see it much here).

threecollie said...

Oh, wow, once again you made me smile. Those frozen bubbles are incredible. And buds! I was looking at the tips of the bare box elder branches and rejoicing that despite the brunt of winter still to come there are little buds there.

Caroline said...

Go to my daughter's blog ( and look at the November 1 entry called "glaciology".
I think you will be intrigued.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Hi catharus, I wonder if any of your viburnums there in PA have naked buds like those of Hobblebush (Viburnum lantanoides). It's our earliest one to bloom in the spring.

threecollie, it sure makes me smile to think that my photos made you smile. And yes, if you go looking, you'll find lots of buds on many different trees and shrubs. I love the Highbush Blueberry especially, very rosy red.

Oh my, Caroline, your daughter is amazingly creative! That fabric she designed, using photos of bubbles and ice, and the dress she made of it, are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing her link.

suep said...

Frozen bubbles ! how cool is THAT.

It's getting to be time to check the Back Bay at Moreau for those bubble-coins, too -- but as of today, it's still open water there