Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We Can Dream, Can't We?

Just to remind myself that Spring will really come, I went back into my files to find a warm-weather photo of this icy landscape I posted yesterday.



Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it's the same place! As for chasing ice floes and frazzle ice - some people chase fire engines - so ... I guess I'm easily amused as well :-)

June said...

What a difference.

I wonder if that's why Northern people stay north. It's such a miracle every year to see spring come and make such a change, just about when we're all ready to do ourselves in.

...like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer.

catharus said...

Yes, I love those comparative shots! How different the same place can be!

Carolyn H said...

Spring will come--just hope it doesn't come in the form of rain on top of all that snow and cause tons of flooding. That's what happened down my way last weekend.

Carolyn H.

Louise said...

I can't wait to see sights like that!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Hang on, it can't be too far away!