Friday, March 11, 2011



While taking this video of snowmelt flooding over the road, my foot went through the ice and my boot filled with very cold water. The camera caught my reaction in audio.


June said...

I observed that same phenomenon when I turned into my next-to-home-road on the way home from work yesterday. People wonder why the ditches on these roads are four feet deep. Snowmelt is why.

The sound you made is nothing like the sound(s) I might have made had I been in your boots.

Rain said...

Oh gosh, that was not a good sound!!! Poor you! Been there, done that! It's going to be a messy spring for a little while.

Ellen Rathbone said...

You do seem to have a thing about stepping thru thin ice! :)

Woodswalker said...

Hi June and Rain and Ellen. Thanks for your comments. And you're right, Ellen, about me and thin ice. I just can't seem to stay off the stuff.