Thursday, November 18, 2010

Warming Hut Opens at Moreau Lake State Park

Okay, Winter, you can do your worst. You won't keep me away from my beloved Moreau Lake State Park -- especially now that there's such a great place to find respite from the cold. Today, park officials welcomed visitors into a newly renovated Warming Hut, a cozy shelter warmed by a roaring fire that stands on the shore of the lake, adjacent to trails for hiking and cross-country skiing. From now until spring, the hut will be open seven days a week, from 9 in the morning until 4 each afternoon, offering a spot for snow-shoers and skiers and ice-fishing enthusiasts to come inside and thaw out.

A cheerful crowd gathered at the hut today for an opening reception that offered a bountiful lunch. In addition to a number of regional state park officials, the guests included members of the Comstock family, who lived in this cabin each summer for many years until it became state park property. Decorating the walls of the hut are photographs of the cabin when the Comstock family summered here. This photo shows the two boys, Keith and Jim. (Which one is which, perhaps someone will tell us in a comment.)

In this photo, Moreau Lake State Park Manager Peter Iskenderian cuts the ceremonial ribbon, officially opening the hut to the public. That's Mrs. Comstock seated in the chair behind Peter.

Mrs. Comstock is joined by her sons Keith (brown jacket) and Jim, while Alane Ball Chinian (blue sweater), regional director of the Saratoga-Capital region of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, cuts another ceremonial ribbon. (I confess I do not remember who is the gentleman in the tan jacket also cutting the ribbon.)

All the guests, including staffers from Moreau Lake State Park and other regional parks, enjoyed the feast provided by the park.

So okay, Winter. We're really ready for you now. I guess I'd just as soon you held off for a few more weeks (I'm still hoping for one more paddle), but then I hope you bring us lots and lots of snow.

Having a park as wonderful as this one, with over 4,000 acres of mountains and forest and river and lake and ponds and streams that are beautiful in every season, sure helps to make the long winter not just bearable, but eagerly awaited. And this cozy spot to get warm will make it even more so.


Wayne said...

Quite a change from what it looked like a year ago! This will make winter activities in the park even more kid-friendly.

Woodswalker said...

And Jackie-friendly, too. There have been many winter days when I would have stayed longer at the park, but I'd grown just too cold. Now I can warm up between trails.

Susan said...

Hi Jackie-
I have snowshoed around Moreau lake, but was wondering if there are any trail maps available for winter walks and shoeing all around the park? Thanks-
PS-Love your pics and your blog-keep up the good work!

Woodswalker said...

Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by to leave your kind comment. Yes, indeed, there are trail maps for the whole 4000+ acres of Moreau Lake State Park, and wonderful trails through the woods and up into the mountains, including trails on the Warren County side of the Hudson as well. Stop by the park headquarters, and for $2 you can buy a full-color map that includes all these miles and miles of trails.

Susan said...

Thanks Jackie! Looking forward to taking my husband for his first snowshoe adventure. He is getting them for Christmas-don't tell!