Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Autumn's Beauty, Here and There

I've been traveling around New York's north country this past week, delighting in the beauty that autumn grants us around this region. Here's just a digest of some of the splendor I beheld.

Pyramid Lake and Paradox Creek, Essex County:

Pyramid Lake, at dawn

Waterfall on Paradox Creek, with morning mist

Mud Pond at Moreau Lake State Park, Saratoga County:

Back bay shoreline

Shining Sumac thicket, Little Bluestem Grass meadow

Autumn's vivid colors in a single oak leaf

Another colorful oak leaf rests on a bed of Haircap Moss

Red Oak Ridge Trail, Moreau Lake State Park, Saratoga County:

Lake shore and mountain, morning light

White Baneberry with "doll's eyes" fruit

Striped Maple leaf with a colorful fungal spot

Saratoga National Historical Park (the Saratoga Battlefield), Saratoga County:

Colorful hardwoods, Round-headed Bushclover stalks in a rolling meadow of Little Bluestem Grass

The Hudson River and Washington County mountains, viewed from a battlefield height

Another view of the Hudson River, with farm fields beyond and a passing boat


threecollie said...

Such a glamorous, glorious autumn we have had this year! Love your photos!

Woody Meristem said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful places.