Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter!

It's Holy Saturday, and Easter is fast approaching, just as the Coltsfoot is starting to bloom in sandy roadsides and neglected lots where nothing but other no'count weeds will grow.  I composed the following meditation about this brave little flower a few years ago, and I enjoyed reading it again.  Perhaps my blog readers will, too.  Here's wishing a Happy Easter to all!

It's almost Easter, and as Christians prepare to rejoice that the Lord is risen, we wildflower lovers also rejoice that the first REAL flower of spring -- one that actually looks like a flower -- has risen as well.  Alleluia!  The Coltsfoot is up!  The season of blooming is here!  These dear little sunny blooms, bursting forth in glory from out of the cold dead leaves, speak to me of resurrection far more than any pampered, florist-bred Easter Lily could.  Like God's love, they are freely given, they spring forth unbidden, there's not a thing we had to do to deserve them, nor a penny we have to spend to enjoy them.  Also, like the Incarnate One who dwelt among the lowly, they make their home among the poorest soils, brightening desolate roadsides where nothing else will grow.  Supposedly, they even have healing powers.  So bless you, dear little Coltsfoot.  It gives me great joy to welcome you once more.  Who cares about chocolate bunnies or candy eggs?  I found my Easter treat along the road, as sweet as any bon-bon. 

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threecollie said...

Beautiful! Happy Easter to you and yours.