Monday, April 4, 2016

No! Maybe if I just ignore it . . .

Yeah, I know it snowed today.  It did yesterday, too.  And it's going to go well below freezing again tonight.  And be cold again tomorrow.  Did you want to see photos of what it looks like out there today?  Too bad!  I'm not gonna take 'em.  Instead, I'm going to look back to another year on the first week of April.  My Facebook page posted photos from then on my timeline again, reminding me of what my day was like four years ago.  It was also a cold day then, but a rainy one, and the promise of spring was everywhere to be seen, in so many beautiful ways, as I walked around the back bay of Moreau Lake.  Let's look at those photos instead.

The buds on the Shadblow trees were just about to burst into bloom, the snowy-white flowers still covered with pink bracts as rosy as any blossoms.  The boughs looked so graceful bending over the silvery rain-dappled water of the lake.

The Red Maples WERE in bloom, full glorious bloom of a vivid red that seemed to glow even brighter in the damp dark air of this rainy day.

Along the shore, the compound flower buds of Highbush Blueberry were just starting to expand, and each little bell-shaped bloom tucked within was blushed with a tinge of pink.

Back in the woods, the pink-tinted velvety leaf buds of Striped Maple curved erect from braceleted twigs.

On several steep banks along the back-bay shore, Trailing Arbutus had exploded into fragrant bloom, despite several days of freezing cold during the week before.

Even the hated Phragmites appeared quite lovely that day, especially when their vertical stalks were echoed by the reflected trunks of White Pines across the bay.

Aaah, that's better! Holding these images in mind, I can hold on for a few days more, knowing that soon our days will warm, this snow will be but a memory, and the glories of spring will burst forth.  Have faith!


catharus said...

There's nothing that says "Spring!" like the blooming trailing arbutus!

The Furry Gnome said...

Some atriking pictures there! A good reminder that this too will pass!

Kathryn Grace said...

Once again, a lush meditation. Thank you so much for sharing your nature walks.

Woody Meristem said...

Nice photos, but snow makes for nice photos too.