Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Album

On Thanksgiving Day 2014, I was thankful for so many things.

For the newly snow-cleared roads over the mountains on our way to join our dear family in Vermont.

For the gracious hospitality of our hosts Keith Balter and Liz Young, who opened their beautiful mountainside home to dozens of family members and friends.

(Their converted barn serves as a spacious gathering place for spectacular feasts, as well as comfortable accommodations for overnight visitors.)

For the deep soft snow that enhanced an already gorgeous landscape of mountains, valleys, meadows, and trees.

For a kitchen-full of excellent cooks and willing helpers who prepared the delicious many-coursed Thanksgiving meal.

(Our darling daughter Jane [white apron] and her sister-in-law, our excellent hostess Liz Young)

For long sloping hillsides, groomed by our host for optimal sledding so that guests could work up a good appetite in the clear cold air and sparkling snow.

For the delighted shrieks from our son Peter and his children as they sailed down the hill.

For my son-in-law's brother, Keith Balter, turkey carver extraordinaire and incredibly generous host, who year after year has brought our multitudinous families together to celebrate Thanksgiving under his most accommodating roof.

For the Thanksgiving feast, an amazing array of delicious food lovingly prepared by many hands and happily devoured by many thankful diners.

For the long comfy couches and big-screen TV for watching the games and resting up after the feast.

For the clear cold blue light of evening, where I could stand out under a crescent moon and gaze at the sky as well as the beckoning golden light spilling out of the windows onto the snow.  In all that splendid silence,  I breathed my prayers of gratefulness.

With my loving husband beside me all these years (and this day was his birthday!), with all our children and their children and in-laws gathered for this special celebration,  and with so many amiable friends delighting in each others' company here in this special place, how could I not feel blessed?


Uta said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful family. I miss mine more and more.

Laura Lee Johnston said...

This is truly what a Thanksgiving should be. My thanks to you.

June said...

What a beautiful place! Filled with beautiful people and food, and such good fellowship. The last photo, with the still moments to take it all in, and to appreciate it all, is so very comforting.112

Raining Iguanas said...

Feeling blessed that you shared your day so thankfully with us as well.

Virginia said...

Gorgeous! What a picture perfect Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing your day with us.