Sunday, January 5, 2014

Say It Isn't So!

What's this I hear on the weather report?  RAIN?!  40 DEGREES?!  Just when we got the most beautiful snow, along with frigid air to keep it soft and fluffy.  And now it will all be sodden.  I was going to stay home today and start reading some of the wonderful books I got for Christmas, but when I heard that bad news, I hurried up to Moreau Lake to enjoy this splendid winter landscape before it gets ruined.  And I sure wasn't the only one walking out on the frozen lake.  The park was truly mobbed today, with skiers, snowshoers, dogwalkers, and ice fishers celebrating this beautiful day in this spectacular setting.

After strapping on my snowshoes, I headed around and across the lake, rejoicing in how the frozen surface gave me such ready shortcuts to my favorite sites.  Of course, I had to stop at the shoreline site where I found that rare Whorled Mountain Mint this fall, and I was delighted to see its withered seedheads standing tall above the snow.

I also stopped to chat with several fishermen, admiring their catches or commiserating with their lack of luck.  Ice fishers tend to be a really friendly sort of folk, usually glad to break their solitary vigil with some genial chatter.  I was having  a really jolly time chatting with these fellows (Jeff, Craig, and Rob), when Craig asked me if I lived in Saratoga and was I the mom of two of my boys.  Well, small world!  These guys know my guys and all about their music and other stuff.  In fact, Craig lives right around the corner from me and had seen me coming and going all summer with my Hornbeck strapped to me car. Even further, his girlfriend Kirsten is a publicist for my son Peter's band, The Figgs.  Amazing!

Speaking of my kids, why not put their photos here on my blog?  I sure am proud of this sweet bunch of boys, shown here at their sister Jane's house this Christmas.  Philip is on the left, then Stephen in the middle, and Peter on the right.

And here's their sweet sister, my darling daughter Jane, who hosted our entire family, along with all of her own and her husband's family, for a fabulous Christmas feast.

I am one lucky mom!


The Furry Gnome said...

Sorry you're south in the warmer air mass. We're forecast to stay cold (and get colder), freezing in the arctic air mass, but hopefully our great snow conditions will stay with us.

Anonymous said...

o ice fishermen still call them "tip ups?" I spent many a day on frozen Adirondack lakes as a kid when my dad were ice fishing. He and his buddies made their own.

threecollie said...

What a great family! They do you proud. And I feel the same way about the snow. I don't like winter, but if we have to have it, snow that you can navigate and plow, and move out of your way, trumps a sheet of iron-hard ice every way possible. Went out into the discouraging rain this morning and had to hang on tight to the dog to keep her from skidding away. And more icy cold to come. Not good.

catharus said...

Yes, it's a small world! 'Lovely family!
Yeh, we've had similar weather in my part of the world too. Temps up and down, snow comes and goes... :-(
But we love it when we've got it, don't we?! 'Just stunning landscapes!
Blessing in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Handsome beautiful children . Thanks for the photos of the river. Here in Australia we are experiencing extremes of heat, following the hottest year on record.
Happy new year