Friday, July 5, 2013

Lakeside Retreat

Oh, doesn't that cool blue water look inviting?  I'll be diving into the crystal-clear waters of Pyramid Lake today, finding relief from the oppressive heat that has settled over us this week.  And I'll also be finding relief from the oppressive and prevalent attitude that patriotism always means support for war, no matter how unjust or unwise or illegal that war may be.  I truly love my country, and long for her to thrive.  But oh, how I hate that she pours our treasure and our children into war after war that has nothing whatsoever to do with defending our liberties.  This weekend I'll be staying at Pyramid Life Center on the shores of Pyramid Lake in Essex County, attending a spiritual retreat for those who seek to live without violence in every aspect of our lives, both personal and political.  I can't imagine a setting more conducive to thoughts of peace than this idyllic setting in the Adirondacks.  How I wish that all people could experience a place of such healing beauty as this.


Judith said...

Oh, Jackie, I'm so "with you" in every sentiment. I see the damage that war does to my students, some of whom are veterans of the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars.

If only there were a way to stop this senseless waste of lives.

I worry most about the cost on civilians--children, women, elderly men. Horrific. My research interest in war is wholly focused on the impact on civilians, and on awakening Americans to the havoc and damage that war wreaks on non-combatants and their families and their culture and society.

Momo said...

Jackie, I never tire of viewing that view of the lake with Bear Mt, beyond. My heart warms each time I see it. Later this month I, too, will be able to soak in a week of peaceful rejuvenation at Pyramid-a highlight of my year.
Enjoy, and I eagerly await your new shots of this, one of my most favorite locations.

Congrats on your contribution to the Gazette article on roadside flowering plants!

The Furry Gnome said...

Perfect reflection picture! Have a peaceful time.

catharus said...

Yes, I very much find beauty to be so healing. Blessings