Sunday, July 28, 2013

Darters and Skippers

While drifting along in a quiet cove of the Hudson on Friday afternoon, I saw just hordes of  Bluet damselflies darting and dancing over the surface of the water, their shiny blue bodies and transparent wings flashing in the sunlight.

In my own backyard, I found this fat yellow green-striped caterpillar with false orange "eyes" on its big brown head.  My guide books indicate that this is the caterpillar of the Silver Spotted Skipper.


suep said...

hmm, are you sure that was his HEAD? remember that OTHER entertaining caterpillar we saw ... (just kidding)

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Ha ha! Yes, I certainly DO remember that other caterpillar with its antennae on its butt! I was suspicious about this one, too, but then I did see its small black face below those big orange "eyes."

Anonymous said...

Spotted this little fella on locust tree in Central Mississippi. I had never seen one before.