Monday, November 19, 2012

Busy Times

What with the holiday weekend of feasting and family visits approaching, I've been mighty busy with cooking and cleaning and haven't had much time to get outdoors.  But at least I have some resident wildlife sharing the kitchen with me.  They love the sunlight pouring in the south-facing windows, and I just can't seem to keep them from sunbathing on the table.  Oh well, since I kiss my kitties every time they will let me, I'm sure we're immune to each others' germs by now.

I did get outdoors for a walk at Bog Meadow Nature Trail yesterday, but not until late in the day, when the sun was already sinking behind the hills.   Look how dark it was, and it wasn't even 3:30!  There was a fringe of ice at the edge of the marsh, and the landscape itself, now clothed in pallorous hues,  presented a chilling image.  But I was well bundled up and enjoyed the fresh cold air and the stark November beauty.

When Canada Lilies bloom, they dangle their vivid orange and yellow bells face down.  But when they go to seed, the pods end up erect, like this.  I love the delicate stitching that holds the separating sections together.

In a landscape dominated by browns and grays, this log with its explosion of bright green moss and vivid orange fungus certainly stood out.   I always forget the name of this moss, but the fungus has the very descriptive name of Lemon Drops.


Seema Patel said...

lovely kitties...I love your pictures as always..indoor or outdoor

suep said...

I had heard of a "three-dog night" but that sure looks like a "four-cat afternoon" - !
and I can almost smell the Thanksgiving pies coming out of the oven ...
have a great holiday !

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful, John. I love the colors of your home and the glorious landscape you live in, as seen through your eyes. Those look like some happy kitties!