Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wildflowers Make the News!

We haven't yet had any April showers, but April flowers are getting some press this weekend in the Albany Times Union's magazine called "Explore,"  which will be included in the Sunday paper tomorrow.  I'm especially excited about this because Gillian Scott, the author of the cover story ("Walk on the Wild[flower] Side"),  was kind enough to interview me for this article and also give my blog a mention.  I also contributed some photos for the piece, some of which appear on the cover spread.  The magazine will be on the newsstands April 1,  but you can get an online preview by clicking here.

Update:  The newsstand copy of the Times Union I bought on April 1 in Saratoga Springs did NOT have a magazine enclosed.   Nor did the one my friend Sue bought in Glens Falls.  I have heard from some folks who DID get a magazine in their papers, so it did go out, but not to all papers.  I wonder why.

Gillian Scott and Herb Terns are the authors of a very informative and fun blog, "Outdoors," which covers all things outdoors in New York and beyond.  You can find that blog among my blog list in the right-hand column, or you can visit it by clicking here.


threecollie said...

Oooh, I want a paper now.

catharus said...

That's great, and well deserved!! A nice read. Congratulations!

Gillian said...

Thanks again for talking with me, Jackie! I thought your heartfelt comments made the article.