Thursday, March 1, 2012


At last, we have snow. 

I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked out my back window this morning.

I blinked several times, but the snow was still there when I looked out my front door.

 Only a few cars had braved the unplowed road at the north end of Broadway.

In mid-afternoon, I went for a walk in the Spa State Park and the snow was still falling fast.

Rain will soon wash it all away, but it sure looks pretty while it lasts.


Ellen Rathbone said...

Hooray! Our batch is mostly gone now, although I hear that up north (Traverse City area) they are expecting 15-20+ inches tonight. Down here we'll just get rain, but also some pretty gusty winds. Spring is roaring in.

hikeagiant2 said...

We hiked on Friday - and it began - nothing to cover the ground, but a treat to walk through the woods in the hush and tickle of falling snow