Friday, January 13, 2012

A Bowlful of Kitty

Yeah, okay, we got some snow yesterday -- the sodden rained-on stuff that gives winter a bad name.  I couldn't even bear to take a photo of it, let alone go out and play in it.  Then today, the wind is howling and gusting up to 50 miles/hour.  Stuck indoors, I decided to make some cookies and got out the mixing bowl.  Ooh, what's this? little Cleo wondered as she climbed right in and discovered the bowl made a lovely place for a nap.  Or so she thought!

 Hmm . . . . This looks interesting.  Will I fit?

 Guess I'll have a little wash-up before I settle in.

 What!  You want me to get out and let you have the bowl?

 Nuh-uh.  I'm gonna take a little snooze first.

 I'll get her out of there, says brother Bebert.

 Oh yeah?  Sez who?  Take that, you rat!

Aw, Mom!  Can't I stay, pleeeeease?

No, she couldn't.   And don't worry about hairy cookies.  I washed the bowl really well before I used it.


Anonymous said...

OK, the cats are cute, but what's that on your counter that says "Woods and Waterways"??? LOB

Sue said...

sooo cute!

jane B said...


Lucy in the Garden said...

"Woods and waterways" on a kitchen counter?

Did you publish a book of your photos?

June said...

I'm guessin' that's a calendar you had made of your photos, innit? Good for you.

Choe is precious! She looks like a little cartoon cat. In a couple of the pictures I have to work to figure out how her one front leg is connected. Very flexible girl!

suep said...

got milk? (the beverage of choice with kitty cookies !)

great "product-placement" too ... your sharp-eyed readers noticed right away -

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Welcome, kitty lovers, and thanks for your comments. I guess you all noticed the beautiful calendar that Sara, one of my readers, created for her own use, using photos from my blog, and then she gave me a copy. She used a service called "Shutterfly" and has inspired me to consider creating a similar calendar with my own choices of photos. Thanks, Sara.

Ellen Rathbone said...

Too, too cute!!!!

Jens said...

I hope that Sara has given you the impetus for creating a calendar of your own choice of images. Perhaps you could employ the time-honored method of artists who recruited subscribers for their productions. Sign me up!