Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Quick Walk Along the Creek

Some days I don't have time for a multi-hour excursion to a nature site,  but I still crave the sounds of rushing water and the rustling of leaves underfoot when I go for just a quick walk.  That's when I head out to Spa State Park right here in Saratoga Springs and walk along Geyser Creek.  One of the prominent features of this creek is an actual geyser, seen here spouting out of its dome of accumulated mineral deposits.

I follow the path along this creek to where it spills from a culvert in the steep bank.  There's something enchanting to me about creeks and rivers, always flowing relentlessly along on their journey toward the sea.  Geyser Creek will flow into the Kayaderosseras Creek a mile or so away, and the Kayaderosseras will then convey this water into Saratoga Lake, which has its outlet in Fish Creek, which then empties into the Hudson River near Schuylerville, and the water continues all the way to New York City, where it joins the Atlantic Ocean.  I wonder how long that journey would take?

When I turn from the culvert and look downstream, I can see another white dome of mineral deposit, formed by a spring trickling down the bank, leaving massive accumulations of minerals behind.

Here's a closer view of those mineral deposits.

Spa Park contains many mineral springs where a thirsty hiker can stop to take a refreshing taste.  Not everybody enjoys that taste, but I find it interesting.  Each of the springs tastes a little different, some with more iron or calcium or carbon or salt than others, but none contain sulfur, I've heard.  It's obvious that this spring contains plenty of iron, as evidenced by the rust that lines the basin.

Despite the continued warm weather with no frost as yet, very few flowers are still in bloom.  This pretty bunch of asters was the exception.


semi live stories said...

a very beautiful place
The rustling sound of walking on dry leaves always gave me peace of mind

greentangle said...

Ahhh, for a few weeks I have a fast enough connection to actually see your photos. They're all lovely, sorry I've been missing them.