Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not a Fit Night Out for Man Nor Beast

Wet and cold and snowy tonight.  I think our Bebert and Cleo are lucky to have a warm dry bed indoors. (Even if this bed is getting kind of small for them, they still want to share it together).  Their feral mom and dad come by to eat and they sure look cold and damp.  But they still run and hide when we bring the food bowls out to the porch.  Too bad.  We'd be glad to welcome them indoors.

I haven't been outdoors for a hike all week.  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine, and the day should dawn below freezing.  I'm meeting Sue at Mud Pond in the morning to look for Frostweed curls.  I'm really looking forward to getting outside in the open air, no matter how chilly.


Anonymous said...

Arghh! When did it get to be winter again! Brrr! and yet ... outdoors there are new treasures to find. Have a happy hike today!

semi live stories said...

Brrr! a hot-beds for the cats to be very lucky .. :) No matter how cold air There's nothing like walking in the open air