Thursday, September 15, 2011

OK, I Give!

 What's a couple more cats?  We found a home for Helen, the pretty little calico, but Cleo and Bebert can stay with us for keeps.  They are such wonderful companions for one another, and we've grown too attached to let them go now.  Even Uncle Finn has begun to love them a little.  (I can't say the same for our two adult females, Penny and Selene, who still growl at them, but they'll learn to cope in time.)  The kitten's feral mom still eludes the trap we keep setting, hoping to capture her and have her spayed.  Maybe as the weather grows colder and she grows hungrier we will have more luck.  But then, she will probably be pregnant again.  Sigh!  Ah well, we are doing the best we can.

In the meantime, what fun we are having!  Little balls of fluff bouncing, leaping, climbing, scattering across the floor like windblown dust bunnies, skootching up our legs with needle-sharp claws to reach our laps, then collapsing in soft warm rumbling heaps of sleepy sweetness in our arms, silky and fragrant as only babies can be, their hair-fine whiskers tickling our cheeks as they vibrate with whole-body purrs.  God, what a sap I am when it comes to kittens!


Hilary said...

omg, they are too, too precious...and I can see why you couldn't resist!!!!
What about their mom, what happened to her?

Johanna said...

Cats give out a kind of homely aura isn't?
Ideal Pet
What do you have to say about your pet?

Ellen Rathbone said...

We knew it! The gals at work and I, who all fell in love with your kitties, we all knew that you'd be keeping more than one! Good for you!

Jane B said...

Such a precious photo, i love it!

Woodswoman Extraordinaire said...

Oh, man, that photo of Cleo stretched out on her back is soooo cute! I can't resist kittens or cats either. Hence I have five cats. :P These two little ones are incredibly lucky to have been rescued by you!