Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reluctant Bloomers

Brrr. I put my longjohns away too soon. I don't think it made it out of the 40s today. No wonder the wildflowers are reluctant to show their faces. They're getting ready, though. Just one or two nice warm days should find them bursting into bloom.

Bloodroot and Trout Lily were budding out in the Skidmore woods today.

At Orra Phelps Nature Preserve in Wilton, shoots of Sessile-leaved Bellworts have poked above the dry leaves.

No flowers or even buds yet, but the leaves of Dutchman's Breeches have pushed above ground, reassuring me that they will bloom again where I found them last year.

I found a few more blooms on Snow Trillium at Orra Phelps today. But as their name suggests, I don't think they are the least bit daunted by the continuing cold.

Also at Orra Phelps, a mossy bank along a stream was studded with the lemon-yellow flowers of Round-leaved Violet. Such a sunny bloom, I think it must warm itself on its color alone.


Ellen Rathbone said...

One trout lily bud and a handful of hepatica buds...that's all we've got. I'm jealous of your finds. :)

suep said...

arggh, I can't even find any BUDS !
love your title, I immediately thought of "longjohns" instead of "flowers" - as the day zooms up to a high of 42 degrees !!