Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mud Mystery Solved!

Remember my pondering the cause of these mysterious snaky-shaped piles of mud? I sent some photos off to a wonderfully informative site called Ask a Naturalist, and today I learned that the likely cause was a Star-nosed Mole. I never would have dreamed that a mole would choose to inhabit such a mucky habitat, but now I know that that's exactly the kind of place this amazing critter calls home. For all kinds of information about Star-nosed Moles, including a fascinating video, click here to visit Ask a Naturalist. It's a great site, worth bookmarking, for answers to all kinds of questions about nature. The naturalist in question is a man named Tom Pelletier, and I sure do thank him for finding the experts able to answer my question.

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

So cool! I never knew they lived in this area. :)