Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Determined Squirrel

Aargh! Freezing rain! The very worst kind of winter weather. I didn't go out except to shovel the walk and move my car. A good day to stay in and make soup. But Mr. Squirrel wanted me to come out and spread some seed for him.


Oh well, let's see what's buried under the snow. Here's a good spot, under the birdfeeder.

No luck. Drat!

Let's try another spot.

Whew! Gotta come up for air!

Gotta go a little deeper.

Hah! Success! Found a seed! Num num . . .

Wouldn't you know it? Here come those dratted birds. Well, they're not gonna get my seed!

How could I not reward this critter's diligence? So I booted and mittened up and shoveled the space beneath the birdfeeders and spread lots and lots of seed. I hope the birds and squirrels got their fill before all the seed was covered with a thick layer of sleety snow. As I said before: Aaaargh!!!


Louise said...

Ha, ha, he is a determined little bugger, isn't he? They just don't give up. I enjoyed your squirrel story, and, you know, I would have booted up and spread seed, too. In fact, I did.

squirrel said...

Ah, what a nice photo story. They are hard to resist aren't they. I would say that half of my bird food is consumed by squirrels.

stacey said...

Well, if he's going to be intrepid AND entertaining, you need to set him up with a mailing address so -I- can send something his way too.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Hello Louise and squirrel and stacey. Nice to meet other folks who fall for squirrels' charms. Watching their antics is certainly worth the price of birdseed.

Ellen Rathbone said...

hee hee hee! You are too kind! :D

Jane B said...

Your squirrel story made me laugh! I love her/his little tufted ears!