Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Weekend, Full House

Aaargh! Over 90 today and it felt like at least 100. How I hate this hot weather! Especially when I can't get to a lake or the river, which I couldn't this long weekend because I had 13 houseguests, all wonderful folks I was happy to see but too many to fit in my canoe. Two of those guests were my youngest grandchildren, Maya (age 4) and Sean (age 2), and they, anyway, found a way to cool off in the kiddie pool. I gave them squirtguns and didn't mind at all when they aimed a few squirts my way.

The pool was part of my strategy to keep folks off the front porch this week, since the robins nesting behind the porchswing there are having troubles raising this brood. Those final two eggs never hatched and simply disappeared on Sunday -- one gone in the morning, the other later that day. Did a predator snatch them or did Mom toss them out lest they rot and foul the nest? I found no signs of them on the ground beneath the nest.

On Sunday morning, one egg remained in the nest. By afternoon, it was gone.

Today, the one remaining chick seemed to have grown overnight to fill the nest.

The one remaining chick seems fine, growing fast and sprouting feathers, and now its eyes are open. Hello in there, little fella! Let's hope you stay happy and well, now that you get all the food and the whole nest to yourself.

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