Friday, October 30, 2009

More of Moreau

I had a surplus of photos from my walk around Moreau Lake yesterday and was just about to file them away in computer storage where they would be lost to the ages. So I thought, why not just throw them up on my blog? I hardly know what to do with all my photos, since everywhere I look this time of year I find something lovely or just kind of curious. But then again, when do we not?

Just as most flowering plants have gone to seed, a few respond to the same length of day as when they bloomed in the spring by setting a few late blooms. Here, Fleabane and Peppergrass add a little note of surprise to an autumn walk.

Here's a kind of creepy antidote to all that autumn prettiness above. I almost grabbed this tree trunk to help pull myself up a bank, when I noticed the tell-tale wormy tentacles of a Poison Ivy vine. Ooooooo! Or is this instead the vine of Virginia Creeper? Poison Ivy has finer, hairier roots. Either way, I thought it an appropriately squirmy image for Halloween, don't you think?

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Dan said...

Your photography is always stunning and incredible. Great job! I will be mentioning your blog in an entry I am doing for the Times Union's Saratoga residents blog. Look for it in the next few days.