Monday, May 4, 2009

Yaddo's "Weeds" Outshine its Roses

Now here's a sight that would send a suburban lawn purist off to get broad-leaf weed killer.  (Too bad he doesn't seem to care that that crap also kills his kids and pets and other wildlife.)  This bank just teeming with violets and pussytoes far outshines -- in my opinion -- the famous Yaddo rose gardens just down the hill.

These Common Blue Violets are uncommonly beautiful in mass profusion.

The lawn that stretches below the mansion also supports a delightful variety of lovely lawn "weeds."  There's Dog Violet, Ground Ivy, and Dandelions there, plus Thyme-leaved Speedwell, Birds'-eye Speedwell, and a wonderful patch of tiny fragrant white violets, the Sweet White Violet.  

Dainty little Thyme-leaved Speedwell sprinkles the grass with beauty.

Bird's-eye Speedwell brings the color of sky to the lawn in May.

The Sweet White Violet has a fragrance to match its name.

See how Sweet White Violet's upper petals curve backwards?  That's how to tell this violet from its almost indentical twin, the Northern White.  Plus the fact that it blooms a few weeks later.  And it's blooming profusely this week in Yaddo's lawn.  Go see it before the mowers descend.

Just for the record, other wildflowers in bloom at Yaddo today: Northern Prickly Ash, Virginia Bluebells, Celandine Poppy, Labrador Violet, and Yellow Corydalis.

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