Monday, April 27, 2009

A Preview of Coming Attractions

My blog friend, Nature Girl (, drove down from Newcomb today to tromp with me through some of my haunts.  Spring up there in the Adirondacks is at least a couple of weeks behind Saratoga, so she was growing hungry for an eyeful of spring ephemerals.  And boy, are they coming fast!  And disappearing just as fast too, what with this crazy summer-like heat.  Ninety degrees again today.  And no rain.  I hope this is not a pattern.  At any rate, we saw lots of flowers  on a walk through Skidmore woods, including several Nature Girl said were firsts for her.  I hope they were some consolation for the Trout Lilies being mostly spent.  Believe it or not, the Bloodroot was still glorious, and a few Hepatica were still holding on.


The Shadblow trees opened their buds today, showing drifts of white against the blue sky.  Down on the ground, the Large-flowered Trilliums opened their snow-white blooms by the dozen, and tiny Dwarf Ginseng peeked up from among the leaf litter.  Two more violets -- Downy Yellow (Viola pubescens) and Long-spurred (V. rostrata) -- made their appearance.

Large-flowered Bellwort

As we left the woods to walk back to our car, we passed this lovely patch of Wood Anemone (Anemone quinquefolia),  also called Windflower.  A parting gift from the woods to my visiting friend.  I hope Nature Girl enjoyed her preview of what will be blooming up north.  In the weeks to come, she will get to visit these flowers all over again.

Wood Anemone, also called Windflower


NatureGirl said...

You did pretty well getting some good shots of the Uvularia and the anemones - mine are mostly washed out. But zip on over and check out my ginger flower!!! It came out great!

Thanks for a great morning!

catharus said...

Lovely pics! Yes this last weekend, things have really popped out!!