Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Spring Thaw Begins

My son Philip edges close to the cliff

Today, my husband Denis, son Philip, and I hiked up the Spring Trail in Moreau Lake State Park to a rocky outcropping overlooking the Hudson valley, the Adirondacks to the north standing out in clear profile against a radiant blue sky.  It was 15 degrees this morning, and tonight we're supposed to get more snow.  But the signs are everywhere that this snow and cold are just winter's last gasps.  The south-facing slopes are bare now, basking in the each-day-higher sun.  Patches of green appear, and even though they're the always-green mosses and leaves -- wintergreen, partridge berry, trailing arbutus -- they lend the look of new growth to the forest floor.  But the surest signs of spring are the sounds:  the birds are singing their love calls in earnest, and all around are the drips and plinks and trickles and splashes and babbles of melting ice.

I think the sky is never so blue as in winter


catharus said...

Lovely! I completely agree, and share your certain optimism. Spring will come (!) and despite any last attempts by Old Man Winter, however intense, He will eventually let go. The signs are all around if we make ourselves available to them.

Woodswalker said...

Good to hear from you, catharus! Thanks for stopping by. By the look of what's happening outside today (Mar2), it seems like I jinxed Spring's arrival by anticipating it. But you and I know that isn't so.