Thursday, February 12, 2009

Which Are Scarier: Spiders or Bees?

This photo is especially for Nature Girl, author of the wonderful blog Adirondack Naturalist (  In her comment to my post about beautiful bugs, she let on that in the past she had a great fear of bees.  Turnabout's fair play, so here's a photo of something the bee should be afraid of: a goldenrod crab spider, with jaws sunk into the bee. The murder scene is a shining sumac bush. Be sure to click on this photo to get all the (not so) gory details.  (Just think how close I had to get to take this picture!)


NatureGirl said...

In my defense, my fear of bees was on. :) When I was three, we lived on Guam. My sister and I were playing ball with a couple other kids and my ball ended up in a bush. I reached in for it and apparently there was a nest of bees in the bush as well. I was badly stung, and was rushed to the hospital. Twice, when I was an older kid, I had bees in my shirt! Still, despite the trauma of this bee-infested childhood, I have taken this fear in a firm grip and come to terms with it. First, I spent some time with a bee keeper (armed with a smoker to keep the bees away), learning what I could about honey bees. I've written articles on bees, focusing on all the good they do, and today, I can bravely wade into a garden full of blooming plants filled with bees of all stripes and not go into a panic (afterall, they do make great subjects for photography). I've contemplated ordering mason bees for my gardens (they are great native pollinators), and have even briefly considered keeping a bee hive! I've come a long way, baby! I'm living proof that almost any fear can be overcome.

Great photo, by the way! :)

Woodswalker said...

I truly sympathize with your fear of bees (and celebrate your overcoming of it). My terror is of wasps. Years ago, I was carrying one of my babies when a wasp landed on him and I threw my baby to the ground to get the wasp away from me. I still shudder with guilt over that.