Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rainy Day in Autumn

Rain all day today.  I canceled a hiking date this morning, but by afternoon it was either stay home and do housework or put on my raingear and go for a walk.  Guess which choice was mine. 

Even in the rain, the views of the river along Spier Falls Road were serene and lovely.

Witch Hazel flowers were fully unfurled, despite being wet and cold.

This lady Katydid was adorned with diamond drops.

Our Red Maples have let us down this autumn, never achieving their blazing beauty,  but Shining Sumac always puts on a brilliant show.


Ellen Rathbone said...

Lovely! I see you've been suckered in by the raindrops, too - hard to pass up a good drop photo!

Carolyn H said...

Oh, I love the katydid photo. That one's a real winner!

Friko said...

Witch Hazel out already, that's early for us. Mine doesn't open till December.

Isn't autumn miraculous. I have been round my garden, really looking, and could only gasp at the wonders laid out for me.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Yes, Ellen, those crystalline drops can be quite a challenge to capture in a photograph, too. The camera always wants to look right past them.

Thanks, Carolyn. Glad you liked the katydid. I did too, although I wanted to give her a warm dry spot to hide out in.

Greetings, Friko, so happy to have you stop by, all the way from the UK. By clicking on your name, I was able to visit your own wonderful blog with its beautiful photographs.