Friday, August 26, 2011

I Think She's a Keeper

Okay, just one more photo.  I can't help myself.  This little darling has truly won our hearts and I think we can't let her go.  Of all the three kittens, she's the friendliest, actually seeking our company, running to greet us, and purring loudly when we rub her tiny silky neck.  The other two are gentling nicely, hissing at us only now and then, but still rather shy compared to this one. We've named her Cleo, because the markings around her eyes remind us of the kohl eyeliner of Egyptian queens.  Here she is, mewing at the porch door, begging us to let her in to be with us.


June said...

I thought the little tiger boy was the favorite, the keeper...?
Oh well...these things change.

Em said...

She's darling, and that photo makes *me* curl into a ball!

Ellen Rathbone said...