Friday, August 13, 2010

Scenic Landscapes of New York

I learned from the New York Outdoors blog that the New York State Museum in Albany is inviting the public to submit digital photographs of scenic New York landscapes, the best of which will be showcased in an upcoming museum exhibit called "Wish You Were Here! New York State Photographed by You."

Hmmm, I thought, why not? Even though landscapes are not really my best photos, since my camera works best in the macro setting, I do have a few that really please me and show my beloved Saratoga County woods and waterways to good advantage. I bet some of my fellow New York blogger friends have some great photos, too, so why not submit some of your own? Information about the exhibit and submission procedures can be found at

I haven't yet decided which ones I will submit, so I'm putting my possible choices up here on my blog and hoping to get some feedback from you, my dear followers, about which ones you like best.

1. Steeplebush Parade. Summer flowers on the Hudson River at Moreau.

2. Shadblow Spring. In the mountains of Moreau Lake State Park, overlooking the Hudson River.

3. Afternoon Shadows. A bend of the Hudson River at Moreau.

4. Quiet Morning, Rippled Rocks. A rocky promontory of the Hudson River banks at Moreau.

5. Pickerelweed and Standing Reeds. In a marshy area of the Hudson at Moreau.

6. Pine Boughs After Rain. A pond in the Woods Hollow Nature Preserve, Ballston Spa.

7. Poplar and Periwinkle. Big Tooth Poplar leaves on the forest floor at Moreau Lake State Park.

8. Tall Pines, High Blueberry. The banks of the Hudson River at Moreau.

9. Misty Islands. A foggy winter morning on the Hudson at Moreau.

10. Ice Fog. The far shore across Saratoga Lake after a warm rain on the ice.

11. Forest Path in Autumn. In the mountain trails of Moreau Lake State Park.

12. Cornfields and Rolling Hills. Farmlands above Saratoga Lake.

13. Paddler's Dream. A quiet bay of the Hudson River at Moreau.

14. Burning Bush. A blueberry bush ablaze with autumn color along the Hudson at Moreau.

15. Beech Frieze. Young beeches along the Hudson hold their coppery leaves well into the late autumn.

16. Lone Beech among Tall Pines. Even in winter, this young beech glows gold among shadowy conifers at Woods Hollow Nature Preserve in Ballston Spa.

17. Golden Grass, Carrara Skies. Early spring at the Saratoga Battlefield, Stillwater.

18. Fallow Fields, Abundant Flowers. An abandoned barnyard in the hills above Saratoga Lake.

19. Stained Glass Leaves. Backlit baby maple leaves glow in the woods at Moreau Lake State Park.


Louise said...

Wow! Just wow, woodswalker. Those are some fantastic shots. I can't decide whether I like number 4, Quiet Morning, or number 9, Misty Islands, best.

I'm going to do this, also. I have, I think, some lovely shots of Western New York

Jay Dub said...

15. Beech Frieze.
13. Paddler's Dream.
for me.

Ellen Rathbone said...

How many can you select? My top seven favorites are 3,6,7,9,10,15 and 18.

Hard to choose!

Good luck.

Tom Arbour said...

Hi Jackie- My favorite image from a pure photographic standpoint is #16- the contrast is amazing- the image tells a story, and it connected with me. #15 is also very good and I think it too would catch the attention of a photo reviewer because of the strong composition once again.


tintin said...

Many of these photos are excellent. But my top four, in order, would be
1. Ice fog
2. beech frieze
3. shadblow
4. cornfield and hills
These shots are well composed, smartly balanced, and have a delicate beauty.
I wish I had taken the ice fog photograph.

catharus said...

Yes, some nice shots there....hard to choose.
My top choices are 7, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16.
Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh - the first one and #9.
You rea,ly cant go wrong with ANy of your pictures - your photos are amazing

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Thanks to all who took the time to weigh in with your favorites among these photos. Since opinions ranged all over the place and there wasn't any limit to the number of photos one person could submit, I went ahead and submitted 12 of these. I have no idea when to expect to hear if any were accepted. I hope some of you submitted photos, too. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Jens Zorn said...

I'm sorry that I came to this post late-- you already have lots of useful comments. The visual effect
(and affect) of your photos will depend on the size of the displayed prints.

#1, #6, #8, #9, #14, #16 resonate particularly with me, but, as others have said, they are all great work.

Truth be told, I am even fonder of your insects and plants.... And that the image of the dead flying ants (Friday, 20 August) has an aspect that would generate much discussion among my art historian friends who are into modern theory.

Again I urge you to look at the possibilities offered by

I bet that your gang from this blog would subscribe to a book of your images and text.

Virginia said...

Well, I see I am too late to weigh in, but it's obvious that you have some great landscapes, besides your usual close-ups. I was going to say #1 definitely, until I saw #6, then #9, and then #15. Wow. What a visual treat!