Monday, July 19, 2010

Disappointment and Delight

I was sure I could show my friend Ellen that Ragged Fringed Orchis I'd seen at the Hudson Ice Meadows two weeks ago. Ellen lives up in Newcomb and I in Saratoga, so Sunday we agreed to meet halfway on the river banks just north of Warrensburg. Luckily, it was a delightful day for wandering the shore and clambering over the rocks, enjoying the cooling breeze and the sound of rushing water, just hanging out with a friend on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon -- because I never did find that orchid. Not even a trace. Oh well.

Aside from an abundance of Yellow-eyed Grass, we didn't find many other remarkable flowers, either, just the usual riverbank denizens like Joe-Pye Weed and Pickerelweed and various goldenrods and asters. This particular site is so rich in rare and unusual plants that we always expect to be surprised by some great botanical prize when we visit, but the big surprise today was how few flowers we actually did find. But just wait. The autumn will bring forth a whole new crop.

In the meantime, the springs and seeps and pools where water collects among the rocks were alive with damsel- and dragonflies as colorful as any blooms. Ellen took lots and lots of photos, so I'll be checking her blog to see if she posts any shots. I myself was intrigued by this vivid green stuff spreading over some rocks underwater. It was studded with tiny bright yellow balls.

Is this some kind of algae? My knowledge of water plants is sorely limited, so I'm hoping maybe one of our readers will tell us what it is.

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Allan Stellar said...

Let's not be talking about "autumn" just yet... :)