Friday, May 1, 2009

More "Weeds" in Congress Park

Here are a few more of the "weeds" I found today in Congress Park.  Note that sometimes the leaves and new shoots can be as pretty as any flower.

The basal rosette of Common Mullein.  The tall "candlesticks" studded with yellow flowers will come later, but I think the first leaves are lovely in their own right.

Wild Strawberry.  It's really too bad they mow these down before they set fruit.  The tiny and tangy fruits have the most intensive strawberry taste.  If you can get them before the birds do.

New leaf shoots of Staghorn Sumac. Such splendid color to the velvet stalks and elegant shape to the unfurling leaves!  I wish I had room and sun enough in my yard to grow sumac, both this species and another called Shining Sumac.  The birds just love them.  And so do I.

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